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Sunflower Oil 1L National (263)

Sunflower Oil 1L "National"

Our "National" sunflower oil is derived from select sunflower seeds, ensuring a pure and unadulterated taste for you. Suitable for all types of cooking, this oil brings a genuine sunlit freshness to your dishes. Presented in a convenient 1-liter packaging, it's a must-have in every kitchen. With "National," you're investing in tradition and quality with every drop.

Sunflower Oil
Spice Universal Vegetable 250g Arriva (515)

Elevate your culinary creations with Arriva's Universal Vegetable Spice, a 250g blend designed to infuse your dishes with the rich flavors of the garden. This versatile seasoning mix, perfect for a variety of vegetables and dishes, contains a thoughtful blend of salt, sugar, flavor enhancers like sodium glutamate, and a minimum of 8g per 100g of dried vegetables including carrot, parsnip, parsley, and onion, along with spices such as turmeric powder and natural dye (E101) to ensure your meals are not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Originating from Serbia, this spice mix is a testament to quality and tradition. Each 100g serving packs an energy punch of 440.4 kJ/105.2 kCal, with a minimal fat content of 0.36g, zero saturated fats, making it a healthy choice for flavoring your meals. The carbohydrate content stands at 21.3g, all of which are sugars, providing a slight sweetness to complement the savory spices. With 4.03g of proteins and a significant amount of salt (5.8g), this seasoning enhances the natural flavors of your ingredients, ensuring every dish is perfectly seasoned.

Packaged conveniently in a 250g size with 24 pieces per stack, and a barcode of 8600103227841, Arriva's Universal Vegetable Spice is essential for any kitchen looking to add depth and flavor to their cooking. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, this spice blend is your go-to solution for making everyday meals extraordinary.

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