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Fora Vacuum Gemlik Black Olives (410-460)
    Lutenitsa Homemade Coarsely Ground
        Lutenica Homemade Fine Ground Premium National
          Gemlik Black Olives 500g Fora (2476)


          ora Vacuum Gemlik Black Olives (410-460)

          Fora Vacuum Gemlik Black Olives (410-460)
          King's Salad Tzarska Turshiya 680g Arriva (2870)

          Experience the traditional taste of Bulgaria with Arriva's Royal Pickle, crafted following an authentic village recipe. This 680g jar is a blend of premium vegetables including cauliflower, green tomatoes, carrots, and celery, all preserved in water with just the right amount of salt to enhance their natural flavors. Originating from Bulgaria, this Royal Pickle is a testament to the country's rich culinary heritage.

          Each 100g serving is a burst of flavor with an energy value of 507 kJ/121 kCal, making it a robust addition to any meal. With a low fat content of 0.9g, including only 0.1g of saturated fats, it's a healthy choice that doesn't compromise on taste. The carbohydrate content stands at 26.6g, with natural sugars at 23.0g, providing a sweet yet balanced taste. Protein is present at 1.5g with a salt content of 2.5g, perfect for enhancing the vegetables' taste without overpowering them.

          Packaged in a convenient size with 12 pieces per stack and a barcode of 3800214420970, Arriva's Royal Pickle is ideal for various culinary uses—from garnishing gourmet dishes to enriching salads and sandwiches. Dive into the authentic flavors of Bulgaria with this Royal Pickle, a pantry must-have for those who appreciate the simplicity of ingredients and richness of taste.

          Royal pickle Arriva 680g
          Hot Peppers 680g Pikons (3690)

          Spicy Peppers 680g "Pikons"
          Contents: spicy peppers, salt, sugar, vinegar, drinking water.

          Our "Pikons" spicy peppers bring a burst of heat and flavor to your meals. Preserved in a delicate balance of salt, sugar, and vinegar, they offer an authentic taste sensation. Perfect as an accompaniment or incorporated into your recipes, these peppers will elevate any dish. Each jar contains 680g of passion and tradition, promising unmatched quality and taste. Indulge in the true essence of spice with "Pikons"!

          Roasted Red Peppers No Vinegar 720g Pikons (3693)
          Roasted red pepper, or as known in Bulgaria "pechena belena kapia", is one of the most delicious and aromatic delicacies of Bulgarian cuisine. This roasted red pepper acquires a distinct taste and aroma during the roasting process. Once peeled, it reveals its tender and juicy inner layer. It can be incorporated into various dishes, such as salads, sauces, or fillings, always adding a special touch to the final result. Undoubtedly, the roasted "belena kapia" is a symbol of traditional Bulgarian cuisine and stands as a testament to the simple yet exceptional power of natural ingredients, prepared with love and care. Whether you use it as a complement to the main dish or as a key ingredient in a recipe, it will always impart an unforgettable taste and aroma.
          Aubergine Salad 550g Balkans (3596)
          Enjoy the convenience and flavour of our Aubergine Salad in a Jar. This savory delight features roasted aubergines expertly preserved with a medley of aromatic spices and herbs. Perfect as a side dish, dip, or sandwich spread. Elevate your meals with the quality and convenience of our jarred aubergine salad.
          Kings Salad Tzarska Turshiya 680g Familex (3845)

          Enjoy a burst of tangy and crisp flavours with our Pickled Vegetable Salad Kings Turshiya. This delightful salad is a medley of carefully pickled vegetables, expertly blended for a harmonious taste. Perfect as a refreshing side dish, appetizer, or to complement your favourite dishes. Elevate your meals with the zesty and crunchy goodness of our pickled vegetable salad.

          Ingredients: Cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, chervil/celery/, water, vinegar, cooking salt, sugar

          Sterilized product
          Lutenitsa Homemade Coarsely Ground 570g Todorka (643)

          Todorka invites you on a culinary journey with its authentic lutenitsa, crafted from select vegetables. This unique blend of ingredients captures the true essence of traditional Bulgarian flavors. Discover the richness and magic of our cuisine with Todorka's lutenitsa.

          Ingredients: roasted peppers, tomato puree, carrots, sunflower oil, sugar, roasted eggplants, potato puree, salt, garlic, spices.

          Lutenitsa Homemade Coarsely Ground
          Beans Stew 560g MY FAMILY (1390)
          beans 50%
          tomato paste
          refined sunflower oil
          iodized salt
          Without preservatives

          NET: 560G.
          Barcode: 3800099202135

          Lutenitsa Traditional 575g Todorka (644)
          Embark on a culinary adventure with Todorka Lutenitsa, a beloved Bulgarian delicacy that embodies the essence of tradition and exquisite taste. Carefully prepared using the finest vegetables, this secret recipe guarantees a symphony of authentic flavors that will mesmerize your senses. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bulgarian cuisine and surrender to the captivating allure of Todorka Lutenitsa. Once you've had a taste, you'll never be satisfied with anything less.
          Grilled Meatballs 200g Maistora (3740)
          Savor the smoky goodness of our Grilled Meatballs. Crafted with premium ingredients and seasoned to perfection, these meatballs offer a mouthwatering blend of flavors. Perfectly grilled for a delightful smokiness, they are a delicious addition to your meals. Elevate your dining experience with the savory delight of grilled meatballs.
          Grilled Kebapcheta 200g Maistora (3741)
          Indulge in the savory perfection of our Grilled Kebapche. Handcrafted with premium ingredients and a medley of aromatic spices, these kebapche bring the essence of the grill to your plate. Juicy, flavorful, and satisfying, they're a must-try for any kebab enthusiast. Elevate your dining experience with the sizzle and taste of our grilled kebapche
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          Salad Eggplant Appetizer Kyopoolu 400g Veselina (4003)
          Salad Eggplant Appetizer Kyopoolu 400g Veselina

          Eggplants, bell peppers, tomato puree, refined sunflower oil, salt, onion, blend of spices.

          Allergens: None.

          Does not contain: GMO.

          Storage: Keep refrigerated between 0°C to 4°C.

          Consumption: Consume within 3 days after opening.Barcode 3800206763122
          No GMO
          Stuffed Cabbage Leaves 400g Bodrum (106)
          Onion, rice (25%), water, cabbage (12%), tomato paste, pepper paste, sunflower oil (2.5%), salt, spices (red pepper, dill, mint, black pepper, cinnamon), citric acid (E330).

          Ready Meal
          Salad Courgettes in Yoghurt Sauce 250g Veselina (4012)
          This mixture of juicy and appetizing fried courgettes, covered with thick sause of seasoned yoghurt and cream will impress even the most choosy ones. For the delight of all devoteesof culinary delights, the Courgetttes in milk saucesalad by Vesselina is offered all year round.

          fried courgettes, delicacy dairy product, yoghurt, fine mayonnaise, cream, spice mix.

          Allergenic substancesmilk protein, soy protein, egg yolk
          Storagefrom 0°С to 4°С
          Consumptionno later than 3 days after opening
          Packages250 g
          Zucchini Salad in Yogurt Sauce
          Hunter Salad Turshiya 680g National (621)

          Discover the irresistible allure of Hunter Salad - a natural Bulgarian product that will captivate you with its fresh, slightly spicy taste. This vitamin-packed delight is the perfect solution for winter months, combining the best flavors of various vegetables.

          Our Hunter Salad is lovingly prepared using fresh ingredients and an authentic homemade recipe. Our special production method preserves all the beneficial vitamins and minerals in each ingredient. We take pride in never adding preservatives, colorants, or artificial flavorings to our salad.

          Indulge in the authentic taste experience of Lovdzhii Salad - a natural Bulgarian product that will transform your meals into true culinary delights. Try it today and let its irresistible charm convince you to become a lifelong fan.

          Hunter's Salad 680g
          Lutenitsa Homemade Fine Ground Premium 265g National (3310)
          Mashed Bulgarian
          tomatoes 45%, mashed Bulgarian peppers 43%, sunflower oil,
          sugar, starch, iodized salt, onion, mix of spices (cumin, black pepper).
          Storage: In dry and ventilated rooms. Store in the refrigerator after opening the cap.
          Lutenica Homemade Fine Ground Premium National
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