Red Wine Merlot 750ml 14% Kozya Gramada

Wine for connoisseurs, Wine of rulers: 2019

Red Wine Merlot 750ml 14% Kozya Gramada

Step into the enchanting realm of refined winemaking with Kozya Gramada's Merlot. Born from the lush vineyards nestled within the Thracian Lowlands of Bulgaria, this wine captures the essence of the Merlot grape – a variety celebrated for its soft, velvety texture and charming approachability.

Contained within this 750ml bottle is a melody of sensations. Rich flavors of juicy plums and cherries weave together with subtle undertones of violet and earth, promising a tapestry of experiences for the senses with each taste. Its radiant garnet hue paints a picture of passion and depth, hinting at the layers of discovery that await within. With a 14% alcohol content, this Merlot masterfully marries strength with elegance.

Kozya Gramada's Merlot is not merely a beverage, but a journey. Crafted for the discerning palate, it stands as an ideal accompaniment to a gourmet meal or as a lone star on a tranquil evening. Add a touch of sophistication to your wine ensemble and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Bulgaria's winemaking heritage.

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