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Egg dye 5 + 1 colors Pet

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Egg dye 5 + 1 colors tablets: In the box are placed five different colored tablets - red, yellow, green, blue and orange + another red. Each tablet can be used for 5-6 eggs.

Instructions for use

Dissolve each color from the dyes separately in ½ cup with hot water, add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and put the cooked eggs (hot or cold) in the solution one at a time until they are colored. The colored eggs can be polished with a few drops of oil. Some of the boiled and chilled eggs can be decorated with the Thermal stickers from the Egg Paint 5 Colors (Tablets) + Decorations. Put the egg into the thermal sticker's cylinder, put the egg in a spoon and dip it for a few seconds into hot water while the foil tightly envelops the egg. In this way you can decorate even cracкed eggs successfully.

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