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Wave Milk Drink Melon 500ml Fibela


Milk drink with melon flavor.

When you drink one, don't you get carried away by a melon-oh-good wave? How can it not be, as this is a great UHT drink: low-fat, homogenized, without any preservatives. And the great box of 500 ml is a mixture of cardboard from responsible sources.

How we cooked it: cow's milk, skimmed cow's milk, sugar, naturally identical aroma, chlorophyll colorant.

How to drink it: Shake it, open it, share it or drink it yourself. If you fail with all the 500 meters of refreshing milky feeling with the scent of melon ... then put it in the fridge and finish it when you're ready for more!

B 100ml product contains *: 
of which saturated0.97г
from which sugars:10g
Energy:63.9 kcal / 269.7 kj
*Average values: 

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