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Salami Deli 'Shpek' 220g KFM (959)

Delicacy salami

Delicacy salami made from fresh pork meat, salt mixed with a preservative sodium nitrite, natural spices, dextrose, sodium ascorbate antioxidant. Naturally smoked. KFM's dry delicacy salami is free of meat substitutes, GMO and gluten. 100g ready product are produced from 125g of meat. The casing is not edible.

100 g product contain:
Energy 173kCal
Proteins 26,9g
Carbohydrates 1,2g
which sugar 1g
Fat 9g
which saturated acids 3g
Salt 3g
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Lukanka Panagyurska Molerite 170g KFM (1589)

Lukanka "Panagyurska" Molerite

Traditional Bulgarian cured delicacy recognized in the European Community for food with specific traditional character. Prepared in strict compliance with the traditional technology. For the preparation of sausage Panagyurska is used beef and pork with a little fat, which is being grinded and mixed with aromatic spices. The lukanka type salamis are filled in natural or collagen casings, then ripe and dry until ready. During drying, dry sausage loses 40 to 45% of its weight. The finished product has a specific aroma and mild taste of matured meat and spices. Served with a glass of red wine, salami Panagyurska of KFM is a real pleasure for the senses. It is also suitable in the preparation of sandwiches and all types of cold starters - alone or in combination with other types of salamis and cheeses. Natural product that does not contain meat substitutes, GMO and gluten.

100 g product contain:
Energy 403kCal
Proteins 28,1g
Carbohydrates 2g which sugar 0,6g
Fat 31,4g which saturated acids 15,3g
Salt 4,18g
Storage at temperature from 0° to +8 °С
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