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Salad Spread Urnebes 200g Kenar (492)

Spread Urnebes KENAR

Classic recipe of Urnebes or with other words combination of high quality ajvar prepared from red papers and cheese in fresh combination. Extremely suitable for warm summer days and for any alcoholic beverages.

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Salad Spread Tiro 200g Kenar (491)

Spread Tiro KENAR

A dairy based spread prepared from few types of cheeses and in combination with a marinated yellow pepper. This spread has a distinctly spicy flavor that will awaken everyone’s appetite.  

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Salad Spread Piquant Fuego 250g Kenar (493)


It`s an Antipasto with a unique taste, prepared with selected ingredients – high quality milk products and crispy peppers. Dose of freshness, charged with spicy energy.

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Salad Cabbage Carrots and Mayonnaise 400g Kenar (490)

Salad with Cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise KENAR

The special combination of fresh vegetables and mayonnaise sauce is the perfect combination – filling but not heavy salad.

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