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Apricot Juice 1L Queen's (473)
A great fresh taste that suits all occasions. Make every moment special with the unique aroma and fruity taste of Queen's
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'Chushkopek' Electric Peppers Roaster 1600W Skitia EU plug (1666)
Pepper Roaster

Rated voltage230 V/ 50 Hz
Rated power1600 W
Electricity cost1,6 кW/h
Type heaterspiral

Vegetables are prepared quickly, easily and deliciously.

Chushkopek (Bulgarian: Чушкопек, literally: pepper-roaster) is a uniquely Bulgarian kitchen appliance for roasting peppers, aubergines or potatoes, generally used in salads.

A chushkopek is a cylindrical oven with an opening on the top. Long sweet peppers are placed inside, the lid is replaced, and within several minutes the pepper is ready. Due to the appliance's design, the pepper is evenly roasted across all its surface, leaving a blackened skin which is then easily removed.

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Boza Bomaks 500ml (468)
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Wheat Sticks Classic 40g Slancho (95)
these wheat sticks are made from wheat semolina, vegetable oil and salt.
They are produced by a special technology and are designed for direct consumption.
Slantcho wheat sticks are a delicious snack for people of any age at any time.
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Cabbage 1KG (1693)
From Bulgaria . The price is for 500g
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Tikveš Lozova Žolta Rakia 70cl, 40% (901)
Made from 100% Muscat Ottonel grapes and aged in small Bulgarian oak casks for 18 months. Delicate straw yellow colour, intense aromas and long soft finish.
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Milk 3,2% UHT 1L Meggle (139)
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