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Herbal Tea Linden 40g Bilek (1608)

Linden flowers contain essential oil, flavonoids, tannins mucus and other substances. When lime blossoms begin to smell more fragrantly, this is a sign that bad weather is on the way. It is as if the flowers quickly want to attract more insects before their pollen is washed away by the rain.

The lime infusion has a soothing effect on chronic catarrh of the respiratory tract, colds, influenza, angina, other fever conditions, urinary tract diseases.
The beautiful blossoms of the lime tree have long been associated with restfulness. Ideal for a good night’s sleep, also for children.

Cold lime blossom tea can be used as a soothing lotion on red and sensitive skin.

The box contains 40 g of cut Linden flowerspackaged in a foil bag, placed in a box.

Herbal Tea Rhodopean mix 30g Bioprogramme (2045)
Ingredients: rose hips, wild thyme herb, apple, yarrow herb, blackberry leaves

Unit: 20 tea bags x 1.5 g / box, net weight 30 g
Herbal Tea Good morning 30g Bioprogramme (49)
A wonderful refreshing tea prepared from a bouquet of popular herbs.

Ingredients: St. John's wort herb, marjoram herb, wild thyme herb
Unit: 20 tea bags x 1.5 g / box, net weight 30 g.
Herbal Tea Chamomile 20g Bioprogramme (2176)
Ingredients: chamomile flowers (100%)

Unit: 20 tea bags x 1.0 g / box, net weight 20 g.
Rakia Burgaska Muscat 70cl, 40% (903)
Made from high quality Muscat Ottonel grapes that are grown at the south Black Sea coast. The rakia is aged in oak, golden yellow colour, very smooth and aromatic.
Kailashka Grape Rakia 70cl, 40% (408)
Deeply rooted in tradition, the taste of Kailushka tells a timeless story full of fascinating flavours. A tale written in gold by our signature Misket and Ungi Blanc grape vines.
Rakia Burgas 63 Special Selection 50cl, 40% (399)
Painstakingly selected Muscat Ottonel and Hamburg Misket grapes are fermented and distilled into rakia with an unprecedented mildness and richness of taste.
Peach Juice 1L Queen's (480)
A great fresh taste that suits all occasions. Make every moment special with the unique aroma and fruity taste of Queen's
Kehlibar Grape Rakia 70cl, 40% (397)
The brandy "Kehlibar" is made by using an antique method, inherited from the ancient Thracians who used to populate the lands around present-day Karnobat. Immediately after the boiling of the brandy, the technologists of "Vinprom Karnobat" dunk in the containers pieces of natural Kehlibar as it was known for centuries that this resin was a universal cure for numerous illnesses and a natural filter against impurities. Kehlibar has the power to eliminate all toxins and residues in the fluids, that's why the "Kehlibar" brandy is distinguished for its exceptional purity and balanced taste. Apart from purification to perfection, the precious resin lends the brandy a gentle Kehlibar color, and the ripe and organic grapes enrich it with fine Muscat aroma and soft oak tones.
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Tea Herbal Thyme 20 x 1.5g Bioset (419)
Herbal tea in filter bags (without thread and without individual packaging of the bag)
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Rakia Karnobatska Grape 70cl, 40% (898)
A very high-quality grape rakia combining elegant design, unique taste and its own identity.
Khan Krum Muscat Rakia 70cl, 40% (398)
Made from 100% Muscat Ottonel grapes and aged in small Bulgarian oak casks for 18 months. Delicate straw yellow colour, intense aromas and long soft finish.
Rakia Pomoriyska Grape 70cl 40% (401)
A high quality grape rakia from the Black Sea coast region, lightly aromatic with a soft and harmonious taste.
Rakia Yambolska Grape 70cl, 40% (902)
A pale gold soft and harmoniously flavoured grape rakia with refined and
well balanced aroma.
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