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Croissant Cocoa Max 110g 7 Days (389)


Enjoy the pleasure of creamy chocolate
filling contained in the soft and fluffy
dough of a 7DAYS croissant.
A classic choice for every day.
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Croissant Vanilla – Cocoa Cookies Max 110g 7 Days (1770)

Vanilla – Cocoa Cookies

The favorite, smooth cream filling is mixed with crunchy pieces of cookies.
A delicious blend for all to enjoy!
Available in two flavors, hazelnut cream with digestive cookies or vanilla flavored milk cream with cocoa cookies
  • vanilla flavored milk cream with cocoa cookies.

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Biscuits Coffee 160g Sweet Plus (1507)
Cocoa biscuits with cocoa coating (41%)

Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, corn starch, partly hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm and sunflower), vegetable palm oil, dry whey powder, cocoa powder 3,7%, cocoa mass 2,5%, egg melange, rasped coconut, raising agents: ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, emulsifiers: soy-bean lecithin, Е471, flavourings: vanilla, coffee. May contain peanuts, nuts. The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.

No preservatives. No colourants. No artificial sweeteners. No table salt added.

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Biscuits 'Everest' Milk 195g Pobeda (736)


Wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, glucose syrup, dry sweet whey 2.0%, corn starch, eggs powder, salt, raising agents (ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), flavor - milk. Contains wheat gluten, milk products and eggs products.

Nutrition facts100g%RIs*
1 bisc. ~7.5g%RIs* 1
bisc. ~7.5g
Energy value:1948 kJ / 468 кcаl23,4 %146 kJ / 35 kcal1,8 %
Fat17,8 g25,4 %1,3 g1,9 %
   - of which saturated8,9 g44,5 %0,7 g3,5 %
Carbohydrate66,7 g25,7 %5,0 g1,9 %
   - of which sugars21,8 g24,2 %1,6 g1,8 %
Fiber4,1 g-0,3 g-
Proteins8,0 g16,0 %0,6 g1,2 %
Salt0,66 g11,0 %0,05 g0,8 %

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Butter biscuits 140g Sweet Plus (669)
Butter biscuits

Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable palm oil, sugar, cow butter 3.1%, moisture-retaining agent: sorbitol. May contain peanuts , nuts , soy lecithin, milk powder , egg melange. The salt content is due exclusively to the presence of naturally occurring sodium in the diet.

Without preservatives. No colorants. No added table salt. No hydrogenated fats. No artificial sweeteners.

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Chocolates Seasons Vanilla 160g Svoge (688)

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, palm oil, water, glucose syrup, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, ethyl alcohol 1%, dehydrated milk fat, emulsifiers ( soy lecithins, E476), stabilizer (invertase), acidity regulator acid), flavoring.Chocolate contains vegetable fat in addition to cocoa butter. May contain nuts.

 100 g8 g% * / 8 g
 Energy value1919 kJ / 457 kcal154 kJ / 37 kcal2%
 Fat18 years1.5 g2%
 of which saturated fatty acids11 years0.9 g5%
 from which sugars625.0 g6%
 Fibers2.8 g0.2 g
 Proteins2.2 g0.2 g<1%
 Sol0.02 g<0.01 g<1%

* Reference amounts for the average adult intake (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal). BG: 1 chocolate = 8g. The box contains 20 chocolates


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