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White Brined Cheese from Cow's Milk 800g Elena (160)
It is produced from whole cow's milk using classic Bulgarian technology. It has a pleasant taste typical of Bulgarian brined cheeses.
Packaging: metal box 800g
Mozzarella Cheese Block 2.3kg Arla Pro (371)


Mild, creamy flavour with a slightly salty taste Slices, melts and holds across a wide range of cooking conditions. Suitable for vegetarians. Farmer owned - care in every step, from cow to you.

  • ENERGY KJ1258 KJ
  • FAT22 G
  • SUGAR1 G
  • SALT
Mayonnaise 200g Krassi (183)

Packaging: 200 g

Storage: t from 4 to 12ºC

Fat content: 55%
Discover the gourmet taste of Krassi's Mayonnaise, conveniently packaged in a 200g size. This creamy condiment is a kitchen staple, offering a rich flavor and smooth texture that enhances any dish. Made with quality ingredients, Krassi's mayonnaise is perfect for dressing salads, spreading on sandwiches, or creating delicious dips. Whether you're a culinary expert or simply love to experiment with flavors, this mayonnaise is an essential pantry item that brings a touch of gourmet taste to your meals. Enjoy the convenience and rich flavor of Krassi's Mayonnaise, making every meal a special occasion.
Barcode 3800055702020

White Brined Cheese from Cow's Milk 800g Sitovo (165)

Cow cheese - Ten 0.800 kg.

White brined cheese made from cow's milk "Dobrudzhansko Sitovo" Produced according to a traditional Bulgarian recipe from normalized cow's milk.
Discover the authentic taste of Bulgaria with our Traditional White Brined Cow Cheese - Tenekia. Weighing in at 0.800 kg, this cheese is a true representative of Bulgaria's rich culinary heritage. Produced in the renowned region of Dobrudzhansko Sitovo, our cheese is crafted following a traditional Bulgarian recipe, using only normalized cow’s milk. The result is a delicacy that boasts a unique flavor profile, balancing creaminess with a touch of tanginess, characteristic of high-quality white brined cheeses. Enjoy it on its own, or pair it with a variety of dishes to elevate your culinary experience. Order now and bring a piece of Bulgarian tradition to your table!

Yoghurt from Buffalo's Milk 530g Fermer (404)
Buffalo yogurt - glass jar, 0.530 kg. The glass package with the screw cap allows the authentic taste and aroma of the Bulgarian yoghurt to be preserved for a longer time at T from 2 to 6ºС.
Yellow Cheese Roll with Ham 250g Josi (2875)

Cheesy Roll with Ham

Prepared from fresh cow's milk cheese with added ham according to a traditional recipe. No artificial enhancers. Without added vegetable fats and proteins.

Cheesy Roll with Ham
Cream Cheese Rodopsko Chudo 180g Makler (3559)
Cream cheese produced using classic technology is an excellent product for direct consumption, salads and cooking. It is a soft, velvety cheese that is rich in flavor and has a creamy texture. Cream cheese is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways in cooking. List of ingredients whole cow's milk, cream, dry milk, sourdough, stabilizer sodium alginate and salt. More information Rhodope miracle cream cheese is produced using a specialized technology from cow's milk and cream. Its production is based on established classic technology with full-fat cow's milk and cream with the addition of sourdough from lactic acid microorganisms. Culinary application Cream Cheese Rhodope Miracle is a type of creamy Bulgarian cow's cheese. It has a soft texture that can easily be spread on a slice or used with various dishes. It has a pleasant, richly milky and unobtrusive taste.
Rodopsko Chudo Cream Cheese
Yellow Cheese from Cows Milk 400g Bozhentsi (1581)
Discover the rich and savory goodness of our Yellow Cheese. Crafted with care and expertise, this cheese offers a delightful balance of flavor and creaminess. Perfect for slicing, melting, or pairing with your favorite dishes. Elevate your culinary creations with the delicious taste of our yellow cheese.
Barcode 3800207821104
Familiya Filo Pastry Sheets 9pcs x500g (498)
Price for 9 pcs
Pastry Sheets Familia 9pcs
Yellow Cheese from Cow's Milk 380g Madjarov (155)
Content: fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, bacterial culture for yellow cheese, rennet for cheese, salt, calcium chloride.
Nutrient value: Protein 24%, Fat 32%, Carbon hydrate 1.5%, Salt: (2÷2.5)%
Energy: 390 kcal/100 g.
Packaging: Vacuum packing 300 g ℮
White Brined Cheese from Cow's Milk 800g Village (3991)
Experience the authentic taste of traditional Bulgarian cuisine with our White Brined Cheese from Cow's Milk. Made with care using high-quality cow's milk, this cheese boasts a rich and tangy flavour profile, perfectly complemented by its creamy texture. Ideal for adding a savoury touch to salads, sandwiches, or simply enjoyed on its own. Elevate your culinary creations with this delicious and versatile cheese from the village.
Mayonnaise Table 470g Jar Olinesa (2366)
Discover the rich and creamy delight of Olinesa's Table Mayonnaise, presented in a convenient 470g jar. Crafted with high-quality ingredients, this mayonnaise offers a smooth and thick texture that complements any dish. Its rich flavor is perfect for enhancing salads, sandwiches, and a variety of culinary creations. Whether you're making a simple dressing or looking for the ideal spread, Olinesa's mayonnaise is a kitchen staple that brings delicious taste and versatility to your food preparation. An essential pantry item, this mayonnaise ensures every meal is a gourmet experience with its delicious taste and creamy consistency.
Barcode 3800012111223
Yoghurt from Cow Milk 3.6% 400g Ralitsa (3571)
Yogurt "Ralitsa" contains the following ingredients and has the following information for 100 grams of product:

Ingredients: Cow's milk and sourdough (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus).
Protein: 3.2 grams
Fat: 3.6 grams
Carbs: 4.2 grams
Energy value: 62 calories / 259 kilojoules
Yogurt "Ralitsa" is a famous Bulgarian dairy product, which is produced according to traditional methods and uses a classic sourdough from Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These lactic acid bacteria help ferment the milk and create the distinctive flavor and texture of yogurt.

The composition of "Ralitsa" yogurt is simple and includes only cow's milk and sourdough. The nutritional value information shows the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and energy value of the product for every 100 grams.
Yoghurt from Cow's Milk
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