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Hell Energy Drink Classic 250ml (3278)
  • Tutti frutti flavour carbonated stimulation drink with vitamins, sugar and sweeteners. Pasteurised.
  • 250 ml of stimulation drink contains 80 mg of caffeine providing approximately the same caffeine as a cup of espresso coffee. Contains a source of niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, riboflavin. Caffeine 32, mg per 100 ml
  • Gives You Power Like Hell
  • Pack size: 250ML
  • Ingredients

    Water, Sugar, Acid (Citric Acid), Carbon Dioxide, Taurine (0.39%), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates), Caffeine (0.032%), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K), Flavourings, Colour (Ammonia Caramel), Vitamin Premix (Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12)

    Best served chilled, 
  • HIGH CAFFEINE CONTENT. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breast-feeding women (caffeine content: 32 mg/100 ml). Not recommended to drink mixed with alcohol.
  • Not recommended to drink more than 1 can a day.
Coffee Nova Brasilia Cezve 200g (413)


Ground Coffee

Crafted for those who appreciate the earthy and slightly bitter taste of cezve coffee. Authentic. Bold. Truly strong.

Suitable for brewing in: cezve.

Packaging: 200 g.

Coffee Cezve 12pcs x 200g Nova Brasilia (413)
Price for 1 box 
12pcs x 200g 

Experience the art of coffee brewing with our Coffee Cezve Packet. This special blend is crafted for those who appreciate the authentic taste of traditional coffee prepared in a Cezve. Elevate your coffee ritual with the rich and aromatic flavors of our Cezve coffee.
12 packets in 1 box
Tea Herbal Camomile 20 x 1.5g Bioset (418)
Herbal tea in filter bags (without thread and without individual packaging of the bag)
Tea Herbal Rose Hip 20 x 1.5g Bioset (420)
Herbal tea in filter bags (without thread and without individual packaging of the bag)
Herbal Tea Linden 20g Premium (3223)

Caffeine free, 100% natural, refreshing

20 Hibiscus teabags
20 x 1g

20 Teabags
Coffee Nova Brasilia Classic 200g (412)


Ground Coffee

Classic, robust, smooth, and aromatic – the new blend from Nova Brasilia is strong yet balanced.

Suitable for brewing in: coffee maker, espresso machine, black coffee machine, and French press.

Packaging: 200 g.

Tea Herbal Elderflower and Lemon 30g Premium (3722)
Elevate your tea experience with our Lemon Herbal Tea. Bursting with the bright and zesty flavors of natural lemon, this herbal infusion is a refreshing delight. Perfect for relaxation or as a pick-me-up, it's a citrusy twist on traditional tea. Sip and savor the invigorating essence of lemon in every cup.
Herbal Tea Calming 24g Zaharni Zavodi (3753)
With dilanka roots, mint leaves, lemon balm leaves, thyme stalk and lavender flower
20 packets
Herbal Tea Chamomile 40g Balkans (3853)
Discover the natural goodness of our Chamomile Herbal Tea. This earthy and aromatic infusion features the unique flavour of Chamomile leaves, known for their soothing and herbaceous qualities. Perfect for a calming and flavourful cup of tea that can be enjoyed any time of day. Elevate your tea collection with the distinct taste of our Chamomile herbal tea.
Out of Stock
Herbal Tea Mix Bouquet 30g Premium (3344)
Experience a symphony of natural flavours with our Herbal Tea Mix. This thoughtfully crafted blend of aromatic herbs and botanicals creates a soothing and refreshing beverage. Whether you seek relaxation, a burst of energy, or a moment of tranquility, our herbal tea mix offers a diverse and delightful selection. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with our exquisite blend of nature's finest ingredients.
Herbal Tea Mountain Song 30g Bioset (1606)
20 x 1.5g tea packet
20 tea packets in one box 
Does not contain preserving agents.

Toning Tea from selected mountain herb and fresh mountain aroma.

Ingredients: lemon balm, St. Johns wort, oregano, thyme, blueberry leaves
20pcs in one box
Herbal Tea Garden Bouquet 30g Bioset (3522)
20 packets of tea, each 1.5g 
Does not contain preservatives 

Ingredients: lemon balm, rosehip, peppermint, thyme 

A fresh bouquet from garden aromas, served as warm sip of harmony.
Savour the refreshing blend of nature's finest with our Herbal Tea Garden Bouquet. Infused with the invigorating flavours of lemon balm, rosehip, peppermint, and thyme, this aromatic blend offers a soothing and revitalizing experience with every sip. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility. Elevate your tea collection with this harmonious herbal infusion.
20 x 1.5g packet
Herbal Tea Chamomile 20g Bioprogramme (2176)
Ingredients: chamomile flowers (100%)

Unit: 20 tea bags x 1.0 g / box, net weight 20 g.
Out of Stock
Coffee Lavazza Super Crema 1000g (414)
Product Specifics Bean type: 60% Arabica / 40% Robusta Coffee type: Whole roasted beans
Tea Herbal Thyme 20 x 1.5g Bioset (419)
Herbal tea in filter bags (without thread and without individual packaging of the bag)
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